Energy surcharge

Junckers will per November 1, 2022, implement a variable energy surcharge, that will be added to all invoices. The energy surcharge will be calculated on the basis of the prices published at Nord Pool.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having increasingly severe implications, not only for the political stability in Europe, but also for the people directly or indirectly involved in the conflict. As a direct consequence of the war, Europe is facing an energy crisis that has not seen its like for more than 50 years. Besides the fundamental challenge in securing energy supply, the supply constraints have caused the energy prices to continue or even accelerate its already increasing trend.

As most other companies and individuals, we, at Junckers, are doing everything possible to minimize the effects of the continued increases. Given the magnitude if the recent increases it has become clear that the measures taken over the past months unfortunately are far from sufficient to off-set the full effects of the continued energy related pressure on our cost.

Energy surcharges 

Mar 23 Apr 23 May 23
1,9 % 1,2 % 0,5 %



Calculation of energy surcharges

An index-related adjustment is chosen to ensure maximum transparency. Junckers has decided to adjust the surcharge on a monthly basis to fairly reflect the significant volatility in the price development and to secure that our customers automatically get the benefits if and when the energy prices normalize.

The surcharge will be adjusted monthly and are calculated based on a 3-months rolling average. The energy surcharge are calculated on the basis of the prices published at Nord Pool’s homepage, as these are the prices that reflect our energy cost most accurately.

Nord Pool’s homepage

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